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Relax and enjoy a Bali massage right here in Echuca!

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The home of Traditional Balinese Massage, the best way to relieve muscle tightness and stress!
In clean and relaxing Balinese themed surroundings with Balinese music sound scapes. Just like being in Bali!

Yuni & her staff parctice Traditional Balinese Massage, they have aquired their skills from training in Bali, the difference is, their skills have also been passed down from many generations of family traditional massage therapy, that the Balinese people rely on for their own health and well being. That is why Yuni Massage has such a large and loyal following from far and wide.

When you have a “Yuni Massage”, you will have an experience like no other before. They will find your problematic areas that even you didn’t know where there. The staff are surprisingly strong and have the skills to professionally treat clients that are female & male, young & old, large & small.

Customers regularly say that after a “Yuni Massage”, they have regained strength, flexibility and freedom of movement that they havn’t had for a long time.

If you have been to Bali, you will find many “Tourist Trap” massage places. These only provide light rub down style massages for the tourists. It’s only when you get “off the beaten path” that you find the genuine Traditional Balinese massage, that the local people rely on to keep them fit and healthy and able to earn a living.

If you need to get the massage you need, to ensure you are able to retain an active lifestyle, then Yuni Massage is the place for you. They include sports people, trades people, the elderly and even other massage therapists.


Our Massage Services

Yuni Massage Echuca Price 1

Balinese Relaxation / Deep Tissue / Reflexology

From $60
30 Minutes                          $60.00
40 Minutes                          $70.00
1 HOUR                                $80.00
1.5 HOURS                          $120.00
2 HOURS                             $160.00
Yuni Massage Echuca Price 2

Hot Stone

From $90
Please book in advance

1 HOUR                             $90.00
1.5 HOURS                     $140.00
2 HOURS                        $180.00
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